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I’ve been busy for ages, writing, recording, putting web sites together and more so I’m so sorry for not paying any attention to you. This web site will be finished soon, very soon, I’ve just got one other site to finish then it’s straight onto this one.

I WILL BE GIGGING AGAIN SOON I PROMISE, I’ve got a brand new QSC Audio 2000 watt PA, it’s amazing plus new lights. Please please please sign onto the mailing list form opposite and I’ll E-mail you as soon as I’ve got more news. PLUS I’m planning to release a new single by October as a FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD so fill that form in. Meanwhile;

My new EP is available to download

On Amazon, i-tunes or on my shop page. Your help is gratefully appreciated and I thank you so much all the people who have already bought it. Many Thanks

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